Introducing: All We Are

Here at EQVVS Women, we’re proud to announce that we’re one of the very first Stockists of new jewellery brand, All We Are. Their unique collection is enriched through stories, colour and culture as well as being (in their own words) “straight fire”. We definitely agree.

All We Are Jewellery

To launch the collection All We Are (or AWA) collaborated with Black Honey’s enigmatic and dazzling lead singer Izzy B Phillips (pictured above). They wanted a muse whose creative values aligned with theirs and for their jewellery to be showcased in its natural habitat, A.K.A, slaying the stag and creating pure magic.

AWA set out to create pieces that were not only really cute but also very symbolic. From snakes to peonies, each piece should give the wearer a story to tell and a meaning to hold onto. Inspired by tales from Hans Christen Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, AWA is celebrating the power of storytelling and the kindness on, apples to encourage your rebellious streak and white snakes to help you release your inner power.

If like Izzy and AWA, you want to make a statement, the range we stock at really will put you at centre stage. You’ll find bold colours which will help you stand out and intricate details to ensure the pieces you choose are not easily forgotten. 

All We Are is for the fashion-forward, rule-breaking individuals who will lead the revolution of self-acceptance and the rebellion of happiness. Let’s all celebrate our journey for individuality, happiness and have fun along the way. Want in? Come along for the joy ride which is, in all its entity “All We Are”.

Shop ‘APPLE’ Collection

The Apple Collection by All We Are Jewellery

Shop ‘Snake’ Collection

The Snake Collection by All We Are Jewellery

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